The Fate of The Furious

2017, Azione

Fast 8: un assaggio della spettacolare evasione di Hobbs

L'attore ha condiviso due nuovi video girati durante le riprese del prossimo capitolo del franchise.

L'attore Dwayne Johnson ha condiviso due nuovi video girati sul set del film Fast 8, diretto dal regista F. Gary Gray.
La star ha quindi regalato un assaggio di una spettacolare sequenza d'azione che vedrà Hobbs impegnato in un'evasione.

I know you guys can see it... I have so much damn FUN playin' the character of HOBBS. A man who lives by a code of ethics, but who will also rip your throat out and give it back to you just so you can apologize for pissin' him off. For years our #FastAndFurious writer Chris Morgan, our @sevenbucksprod's producer Hiram Garcia and myself would always talk about how insanely FUN FOR THE FANS a "Hobbs prison breakout" scene would be - wrecking every fool that's in his way. Well that day has come, which is why I'm completely iced in my veins and amped out of my f*cking mind in this vid and clearly in need of a horse tranquilizer. Let Toretto and his friends preach family and love... Not HOBBS. The Iceman cometh. And he don't fucketh around. #OnSet #Fast8 #Iceman

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Nel prossimo capitolo della saga action torneranno in azione Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Elsa Pataky e Lucas Black. Nel lungometraggio reciteranno anche Jason Statham, Kurt Russell, Charlize Theron, Scott Eastwood e Helen Mirren.

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Fast 8: un assaggio della spettacolare evasione...
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